ZW-MB-1. Not a mouse, not a frog…

More precisely, a fierce diaiwai (hand-ass – if in Russian).
The "minus" of the power supply is highlighted in black. The classic video amplifier is the highest quality. The problem was almost solved by an additional capacitor.

The first option is a PAL version from a modem and a modulator board sold earlier in the same store (they are not available now).
Reverse polarity protection
It works! Because events unfolded on Pioneer Day on May 19, a Pioneer badge for Dandy was urgently made.
I used 547 transistors I use three diodes. Photo with the ancestor
Actually finished product. This is a repair or assembly board for Dandy. And what does the antivirus have to do with it – you ask. Decided to do it in a big way and powered by USB.
This is what happened The second option is an NTSC version of the board and a soldered Dandy classic video amplifier It will not bring joy. Two quartz on one, the rest with diodes on the second. I’ll make a PAL/NTSC switch at the same time. Did as here at the end of the topic under the spoiler. I’ll try to be brief.
and the cartridge I am reviewing here (by the way, I flashed it)
I’ve ordered them several times. That’s basically it.

I’ll solder a video amplifier transistor on the board like in the Aquarius circuit 1. But it’s a computer. In this project, I replaced the quartz resonator and soldered the jumper. It turned out to be such an outrage. No audio amplifier needed.
So the boards come in this box… The topic of Dendy and Dendy’s repair is pretty well-travelled. < br />

The five-volt "portable Dandy" is ready!
You can stir up a Dandy keyboard based on a board and a film.
And at the same time an audio amplifier And there are no bars on the top and bottom of the screen.
A two-position switch is enough. Not a mouse, not a frog, but an unknown little animal. Therefore, I will basically show what I got out of these boards. Learned, thanks. Works only on NTSC! And as a matter of fact, under the badge on the Famikome, an admission to the pioneers took place. I am tormented by vague doubts … Choose a film according to the number of contacts and under the “donor”. In order not to offend anyone, I used the photo from this forum I made three crafts with an interval of six months. 2.
The bottom cartridge is “correct”
The third product based on the cable management box

I’ll solder according to the circuit Enough of what is. The main thing is not to get confused!
Did I wire the capacitor in the audio amplifier correctly? If it’s not difficult, tell me in the comments. The site has another board with a soldered video amplifier. and 557 And the best "antivirus" for her.

In fact, everything is prosaic. An amplifier with one transistor soldered on the board gives interference.
On the occasion, an "antivirus" was bought on Ebay
Enough mode NTSC. 3.
You can start Windows and play Solitaire


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