Vitamin C in a very large jar

Vitamin C in a very large jar

A story about a rather specific product that not everyone objectively needs. Banal vitamin C, sold in any pharmacy, but for an indecent price of almost 46 dollars.

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A very simple point. This is vitamin C, it is also ascorbic acid, it is also ascorbic acid. Vitamin C in powder form.
What is ascorbic acid, perhaps everyone knows. At least in general terms, they represent that it is a healthy vitamin. Basic information can be gleaned from the same Wikipedia:

Ascorbic acid, an organic compound related to glucose, is one of the main substances in the human diet, which is necessary for the normal functioning of connective and bone tissue. Performs the biological functions of a reducing agent and coenzyme of some metabolic processes, is an antioxidant. Only one of the isomers is biologically active – L-ascorbic acid, which is called vitamin C. In nature, ascorbic acid is found in many fruits and vegetables [3]. Vitamin deficiency of ascorbic acid leads to scurvy.

Avitaminosis and hypovitaminosis
It is generally accepted that among the symptoms of a lack of vitamin C in the body are a weak immune system, bleeding gums, pallor and dry skin, delayed tissue repair after physical damage (wounds, bruises), tarnishing and hair loss, brittle nails, lethargy, fatigue, weakening of muscle tone, rheumatoid pain in the sacrum and extremities (especially lower, pain in the feet), loosening and loss of teeth; fragility of blood vessels leads to bleeding gums, hemorrhages in the form of dark red spots on the skin. However, to date (August 2011), there have not been enough studies on the basis of which it would be possible to reliably state that there is a connection between the mentioned symptoms and a lack of vitamin C in the body. Only when its amount is extremely low, some of the listed symptoms appear, signaling the occurrence of a now extremely rare disease – scurvy.

Daily Value
Physiological requirement for adults – 90 mg / day (pregnant women are recommended to consume 10 mg more, lactating women – 30 mg). The physiological need for children is from 30 to 90 mg / day, depending on age. The upper limit of consumption in Russia is 2000 mg/day[10]. For smokers and those who suffer from passive smoking, it is necessary to increase the daily intake of vitamin C by 35 mg / day

Ascorbic acid, as already mentioned, is sold in any pharmacy. It is also part of multivitamin complexes, and is sold separately – in the form of dragees, tablets and powder. The ascorbic acid bought on iherb is no different from the pharmacy, for better or for worse. Banal ascorbic without any additives. NOW Foods is a well-known manufacturer providing high quality products at reasonable prices. The company specializes mainly in the production of additives with simple composition, without creating complex multicomponent complexes. Her strong point is the simple packaging of certain supplements – creatine, glutamine, etc. etc. Due to the large volumes of sales, they are able to offer such packaged goods at prices below most competitors.

In general, the purpose of the application is obvious – to compensate for the lack of ascorbic acid, to obtain beneficial effects due to its properties (maintenance of immunity, antioxidant action, etc.).
At the same time, this is the most controversial point. Regarding the necessary dosages of ascorbic acid, and even about the very need for its additional intake in the form of an additive, there is no consensus. On the one hand, Linus Pauling and his followers, who consider ascorbic acid almost a panacea and promote the constant consumption of very high doses of ascorbic acid. On the other hand, there are detractors outright saying that vitamin C (and other supplemental vitamins) is just a way to make your urine more expensive.
With scientific confirmation of the effects, not everything is unambiguous, rather contradictory.

In the sports environment, it is widely believed that ascorbic acid is still necessary, and in dosages that are significantly higher than officially recommended (up to 1000 mg / day and even more). But these beliefs diverge from the official approaches of medicine. Ultimately it’s a matter of personal choice and preference whether to stick to the official guidelines or rely on people’s personal experiences and opinions.

Personally, I still use ascorbic acid in fairly high dosages – 200-500 mg / day, depending on the intensity of training, the time of year and other factors. Plus, of course, I get some of the products. But it will be wrong to agitate to use it, since these are personal preferences and experiences that do not have a strict scientific justification.

With impressions, everything is simple. A jar of medium size arrived, approximately like a can of protein weighing 900g

Under the lid there is a membrane

Inside 1.3 kilograms of white powder

according to the American tradition, the jar is much larger than required for such a volume of powder, so it is half empty

The composition is extremely simple. Vitamin C and nothing else. Only the recommended dosage is striking – 2.25g (. ). This is very, very much. At the same time, there is no measuring spoon in the jar.

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